Photo Of Barefoot McDonald's Worker Investigated By Licking County Health Department


A photo of a barefoot worker in a McDonald's restaurant in Newark is being shared online, and now, it has the attention of the Licking County Health Department.

The picture was taken by a customer going through the drive-thru at the McDonald’s Restaurant on South Third Street in Newark.

It was posted onto the Facebook page called "Random Acts of Newark."

Customers who saw the picture say they have a problem with the image.

"I think it's gross. They won't let anyone in there with bare feet, so why are they doing it?” asked Desiree Bender.

"I'm appalled! I eat there. That makes me wonder what else is going on," said Terry Huff.

“Maybe they are not washing their hands or wearing gloves or hair nets," added Mitzi Smith.

A McDonald’s spokesperson confirms the unidentified woman in the picture is a manager at the South Third Street restaurant.

The owner/operator of the Newark McDonald's, Brian Mortellaro, released the following statement to 10TV:

“The well-being of our customers and employees is our top priority. This employee had returned to work to complete a project after our dining room had closed and because of extenuating circumstances, she did not change back to her uniform. We’re reiterating the importance of adhering to our uniform policy with all of our employees, to make sure everyone is clear on our expectations. We fully cooperated with the health department’s review of this matter, which resulted in no violations being issued. We strive to operate our restaurants to provide our customers with the best quality, service and cleanliness possible.”

However, the Licking County Health Department says the matter is still considered a health code violation and sent an inspector to the restaurant Friday.

10TV obtained a copy of the Inspection Report. It shows an inspector looked into a complaint of a violation of "personal cleanliness" and it shows no citation was issued.

But workers were given the following corrective action: "Food employees shall wear clean outer clothing to prevent contamination of food, equipment, utensils, linens or single-service or single-use articles."

Several customers say they are not worried about future visits.

"Not too terribly,” said Terry Huff. “But I used to work in fast food, and I know what goes on sometimes."

The Licking County Health department says an inspector will conduct a follow up inspection Friday, June 13, to insure the issue has been properly addressed.