Phone Scammers Target Central Ohio Residents For Personal Information

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We've all heard of these scams before.  A computerized voice on the on the other line uses the name of a bank you may or may not have done business with.  It warns you there's something wrong with your credit card.  It's a call many in our area are getting, but trying to stop it isn't easy.

Shawn Medley says he got the first call on his cell phone.  “It started about 6:30 p.m. last night.  I received a call from an automated machine that said my account was on hold.”

He says it came in as a restricted number, meaning no digits showed on his phone.  Three hours later, he says, his cell phone rang again.  “Around 9:30 p.m. last night, I received another call from them saying that I couldn't use my card at all unless I gave them my number.”

He says the robotic message claimed to represent home loan savings bank, where he says he was customer years ago.

Medley says the voice warned him that unless he entered his pin number his debit card would be blocked.  “It was a red flag to me so I just hung up my phone.”

That is exactly what experts say consumers should do. 

Medley says he knows others who got the same call.  “I know of at least 25 people who have got these calls."

10TV has received other complaints from people who claim another voice representing Wesbanco also warns them their debit card has been temporarily disabled unless they provide their pin number.

The bank put out a warning on its website telling people "this message is fraudulent" and when asked for your PIN number, "do not respond to that request."

While it's unknown how many people may have fallen victim to this latest phone scam, Shawn Medley isn't one of them.

He suggests doing what he did.  “Hang up, hang up.  It’s a red flag.  Don't even attempt to do anything.”

According to the Better Business Bureau, phone scams in general are up 25 percent nationwide.  If you happened to fall victim to this latest scam, you're urged to call your bank and have your debit card cancelled and replaced with a new one.