Pataskala Woman Changes Name To Sexy


A central Ohio woman who loathed being named Sheila and wanted a moniker that reflected her personality has legally changed her first name to Sexy.
A judge approved the request Tuesday from the 41-year-old Pataskala woman, formerly named Sheila Ranea Crabtree.

Judge Robert Hoover said there was no reason to deny it.

Sheila told 10TV that she’d been called “Sexy” for several years.

“My husband has called me sexy quite a bit,” she added.

She says that if the court didn't allow the switch to Sexy, she'd try to become known legally by her middle name, which she has used for years.

“Beauty and sexiness is in the eye of the beholder. I'm confident that her husband finds her so,” said Judge Hoover.

The Columbus Dispatch reports that Crabtree told a judge that her husband and teenage daughters approve of the change.

When the judge asked why she chose Sexy, Crabtree said she's fun and free-spirited and thought the change would make her complete.

She has a knack of naming things. Sexy told 10TV that her dogs are named Baby and Apple.

“It’s more than just a word. It is my way of life, my personality, I think it suits me just fine because I'm a  flirty-type person."  

She may drive a minivan, but she definitely has the personality of a convertible.

Judge Robert Hoover hears about 170 name change requests a year.

He's denied requests such as WinniePooh, Tazmaniandevil, and  JesusChristOurLordandSavior.

However Sexy isn't the only untraditional name that he's granted.

He allowed a woman to start calling herself "StoneKeepTalkingTree.”

The cost of a name change is about $100.