Pataskala Man Hopes New Breeds Of Apples Surprise Taste Buds


It's nearing the end of apple picking season, and the Lynd Fruit Farm was recently packed with apple lovers stocking up on their favorite fruit.

In coming years, they will have something even tastier to sink their mouths into as new breeds of apples are being created in central Ohio.

Grower Mitch Lynd offered a sample slice to customers at his farm market and asked them to guess what it tasted like.

"It's just a hint of cherry in it, but it's very sweet. It's very good. It's very juicy,” said shopper Bryan Kingsley.

"Most of the flavors that are found in closely related fruits (like) peaches, plums, cherries, apricots are also in apples,” said Mitch Lynd, apple grower.

Lynd said perhaps one in a thousand trees might produce apples that taste like other fruit. He's found one that tastes like cherries and plans to cross it with an apple with red flesh.

"If we had this cherry flavor and this red flesh color, we think at that point, we'd be ready to go to market with something pretty big,” said Lynd.

Lynd wants complex flavors and apples that last a long time without refrigeration. He's developed one, called the Ever Crisp.

The Ever Crisp is a cross between a Honey Crisp apple and a Fuji apple.

He'll plant several thousand young trees next spring and have them for sale in about five years.

Meanwhile, he's working on other surprising flavors including licorice.

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