Party Chairman Back On The Job After Suffering Heart Attack During Capitol Square Taping

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Franklin County Democratic Party chairman Greg Haas learned he was suffering from a heart attack during a taping of 10TVs Capitol Square last month.

"I was definitely in the process of having a heart attack as we taped," said Haas.  "I was having chest pains but thought it was just heartburn."

Haas said he made almost a critical mistake when ignoring the classic signs of a heart attack.

After the taping, he said he felt well enough to go home.  Later that night, the chest pains returned, and he went to the hospital.

"It sounds silly, but I rationalized it was only strep throat, something I had weeks before," said Haas.  "That night the chest pains were worse.  I found out there was 100 percent blockage and they put two stents in."

Haas spent a couple days in the hospital before a week of rest at home.

Monday he was back to work, attending an elections board meeting.

"This is a good reminder not to ignore the symptoms," said Haas. "Especially, if you're over the age of 55."

Haas says he looks forward to being a guest again soon on the Capitol Square program.