Partially Paralyzed Columbus Teen Stars On U.S. Sled Hockey Team

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Morgan Hosbrough navigates the halls of her Columbus City Schools high school with forearm crutches.

The 17 year old is partially paralyzed from the waist down due to spinal trouble she was born with.

But if that’s all you see when you look at Morgan, you’re missing a lot.

Her mother, Dyonne, says she knew her daughter would be a fighter when she pulled out her own breathing tube when she was a baby.

Morgan  has always had a hard time walking, but that hasn’t stopped her.

The teen is now a hockey player, a force as a winger on the Ohio Blades Sled Hockey Team.

“I love being able to play. I like the feeling of being free and not having my disability stop me,” she said.

“Sled hockey is for athletes with physical disabilities. They play in modified sleds rather than stand up on skates,” explained Mike Fenster, Ohio Blades Sled Hockey Coach.

They use sticks with ice picks that are used to propel their bladed sleds.

And like all good hockey teams…

“We get in fights. We scrap. We get penalties,” said Fenster.

Morgan found out about sled hockey in a pamphlet at her doctor’s office.

“I just came out one day and tried it, and instantly fell in love,” said Morgan.

And it was love at first sight.

“Everything she does, she does with passion,” added Fenster.

After just three years in the sport, Morgan tried out for the U.S. women’s team.

“To be honest, we went this year to see what it would be like, to see what skills Morgan needed,” Morgan’s mother said.

She already had the skills.

Morgan now wears the USA jersey as a proud member of the team.

She competed in Norway a few weeks ago. The team won all four games against the European teams, and Morgan scored her first international goal.

She showed that true grit that started in her house as a child.

“We have a rule in my house. Can’t is the same as a curse word, so she's not allowed to say the word can’t,” added Dyonne.

It’s a rule that her child is taking to the world.

Morgan is now a teacher to those people who think they can’t.

She’s started a campaign with a simple title.

“Get on your butt and play,” she says.

She added that there are no limits for her -- or anyone.

“Just got to get out there and do it. You just have to try. Whatever you want to do you can do it.”

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