Parents Worried About Graphic Images On Abortion Protest Signs

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Anti-abortion protestors targeting a women's health clinic say they are simply showing the truth about abortion, but those living near the Cleveland Avenue clinic say the protestors' gruesome tactics go too far.

Residents in the North Columbus neighborhood describe the signs showing aborted fetuses as "incredibly graphic" and "horrific."

David Law is the man behind the posters and he doesn't disagree.

"It's a terrible looking image, but that's what they do here."

"Here" is Complete Healthcare for Women on Cleveland Avenue. It's a clinic offering many medical procedures, including abortion.
Law is a member of a group called the Mid-Ohio Alliance.

"We're just a group of people that come from different churches, different walks of life. and we believe abortion is wrong," he said. "We're not out here to offend other people. We're out here to save lives. And we do save lives."

People who live near the clinic call protestors' tactics more than offensive.

"They aren't really persuading anybody," said Jess McNutt. "They're making a lot of people mad."

Jordanne Miller says she supports Law's right to protest and even his message. Her top priority is protecting her children, whether it's from dangers around the house or things she thinks they're not old enough to see.

"When I'm driving to the end of the street, I have to like literally creep and make sure to look around the corner and make sure there's no signs. If there are, 'Payton, look that way,'" she said, referring to her 6 year old son. "'Don't look that way.' And sometimes I forget and he's like, 'Mommy, what is that?'  How do you explain that to a 6 year old? How do you explain that to any child?"

"It's not something that I would flaunt in front of a 4 or 6 year old," responded Law. "But if parents are driving by, they can ask their children to look the other way. Or they can tell their children, this is what some people do to their kids."

10TV heard from one neighbor who received a flyer with a graphic image in her front door.

We were not able to track down anyone associated with those.

Law says his group had nothing to do with them.