Parents Wonder Why Some Schools Can't Delay In Cold Weather

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More than 100 central Ohio school districts delayed classes today because of the weather.

The South-Western City School District was not among them.

The district does not offer two-hour delays.

However, one parent says the harsh winter we have had should be enough to encourage district leaders to revisit, and perhaps revamp, that.

Twice a day bus drivers with the South-Western City School district check their buses and warm them up before hitting the road.

Stan Anderson says he appreciates that but is concerned for the students who have to wait for those school buses on cold mornings.

"There were kids at bus stops, huddled together, holding each other and it was just, to me, insane,” said Stan Anderson a father of a student in the district.

Stan Anderson says when he watches other schools report two hour delays he gets frustrated that South-Western is never on the list.

"Our children are the most important thing to us and if another district finds it important enough to delay schools a couple of hours just to be safe, why do we not have that same option,” said Anderson

South-Western City Schools says the district has studied a two-hour delay as part of the decision to keep school open or to close.  It says as it studied this option it involved a variety of staff, community, and parents.

“Based upon the vast differences in the 119-square mile geographic areas of the district, it was determined that in those rare cases when a two-hour delay would be an option it would be more appropriate to close school for that day. Part of this reasoning is based upon those situations in which a two-hour delay would eventually become a school closing. Students may be left without child care, care givers outside the district may not be appropriately prepared for the change, a student may be left at a bus stop for an extended period of time waiting on a bus, or an individual may not receive word of the change.    At this time, the district has determined that it will make the decision to stay open or to close based upon the conditions that exist first thing in the morning. While this could ultimately close school for an additional day, we believe that it is safer for students and staff than the alternative. Therefore, at this time, the district will not use a two-hour delay as an option.”

Anderson says he understands the district has a lot to consider but says he's sure a solution could be found.

"They seem to be an open-minded district. I would think if they put their mind to it and make it a priority, they probably could make it happen, said Anderson.