Parents Warned About Toxic Toys


An Ohio consumer group warned parents on Monday about toys the group said are filled with dangerous chemicals., Consumer 10’s Kurt Ludlow reported.

The Ohio Environmental Council reported that many toys are made with lead and poisoned plastics, and the government is not doing enough to stop the practice.

Holly Biggs said she wants to make sure that everything her 2-year-old daughter Vaeda plays with is safe.

“She's at the age where she's starting to get into art, and drawing and markers and crayons and all that, so it's very important that those are non-toxic because they do sometimes get in her mouth,” Biggs said.

According to the OEC, more than 80,000 chemicals are used in products, including toys without prior testing.

"We're not suggesting that chemical exposure is going to cause instant death,” Jack Shaner of the OEC said.

Shaner’s colleague Raenell Nagel said the problem is the toxic build-up.

“What we're talking about is that toxic burden on your body that accumulates over time and that as you age, turns into disease," Nagal said.

The group is advising parents to steer clear of toys made with vinyl and PVC, choose toys that are unfinished and avoid children’s metal jewelry, Ludlow said.

The OEC said that Funny Glasses, made by Joking Around, contain 42 times more phthalates than acceptable, and that a sleep mask made by Claire’s has 77 times more.

The OEC says the current law regulating toxic chemicals is out of date and ineffective, and wants Congress to pass the Safe Chemicals Act.

Parent Afshan Hashmy said that she has few options when it comes to determining if a toy is safe.

“I think there are toys out there which are not safe and they should not be sold,” she said.

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