Parents Upset Sand Is Being Removed From Columbus Parks


What some consider a staple of childhood is being removed from Columbus parks.

The parks are replacing sand with mulch.

"If the weather's nice, I mean, we're always here.  So I did notice it right away and that it was gone," mother Angela Cleary.

Just a dusting of the sand kids used to sift and shovel remains. 

"It's a blast when all of the kids have all of the shovels and the buckets and can just build and play," said Cleary.

No more.  The sand was moved out and mulch moved in at all city parks that still had sand.

"I don't know, the mulch isn't something they can actually engage with," said mom Amy Walter.

But the Director of Recreation and Parks insists the move wasn't to kill the kids' fun.  It comes down first to safety.

"The goal of the surface is to be that absorption for falls," said Alan McKnight.  "The sand gets kind of hard and packed down."

Cost is another factor.

"It's also more expensive to maintain.  We don't have a supply of sand, we have to go out and buy it," said McKnight.  "Fortunately, because of our forestry division, we have an endless supply of wood chips.  We remove trees on a regular basis."

Cheap and available.  Parents get it but they also get it that the kids are disappointed.

"I guess they had to do what they had to do,"  said grandmother Cecilia Spahr.