Parents Seek Alternatives For Childcare As Snow Days Continue

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It has been a tough winter season, and many parents have been stretched trying to cover childcare on the days schools have been closed due to inclement weather.

At Mango's Place, in Dublin, owner Mary Frances Curtis says on Tuesday she cared for double the amount of children she normally sees in her daycare center.

Mango’s Place provides hourly childcare and Curtis says many parents took advantage of that service so they could run out and stock up before the upcoming storm.

"I need to get to the grocery store today, I need to run errands, I think we're in that state where we need to be ready for tomorrow," said Mary Frances Curtis.

Curtis says this winter season has been busy and parents have learned to make their appointments early.

"The fact that we are licensed by the state, we can only take so many kids at a time, and our parents know that,” says Curtis “So some of our regulars will call frantically saying I hope you have room.”

While some businesses, like Mango’s Place saw a spike on Tuesday - others are prepared for Wednesday.

Amanda Knapp, Founder and C-O of Sitting Made Simple a local babysitting and nanny service, spent the bulk of the afternoon Tuesday getting her more than 200 babysitters ready to be sent to homes on Wednesday.

Knapp says parents are worried about how often they have called in sick to work because their child’s school has been closed due to bad weather.  

“Frantic, every parent is frantic,” said Amanda Knapp “Wondering if they are going to call into work again tomorrow and if it will be frowned upon."

Knapp says the real rush will come when school districts announce whether they will be open, closed or on a two hour delay.

She says she is prepared for a busy night.

“We close at 5 p.m. technically, but I am on-call after hours so I have been up to midnight, 1 a.m. - trying to make magic happen for these families across the area."