Parents Demand Answers After Violent Fight On School Bus

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Bellville police say a 15-year-old student slashed another 15-year-old student with a box cutter during an argument.

Crystal Littleton says her son was on the school bus as it was heading to the high school Monday afternoon.

"To find out a kid had a box cutter at school all day long and went undetected, and then just whipped it out and decided he's going to slash someone with it, it's pretty scary," said Littleton.

Littleton’s son was not involved in the confrontation or injured, but he watched it unfold from the front of the bus.

"He said he heard a few seconds of arguing, then he saw the boy grab the box cutter out of his back pack and hit the kid in the forehead, and pretty much started cutting him," Littleton said. "He said there was a lot of blood everywhere. He said girls were screaming and guys were taking off their t-shirts and trying to wrap up the kid to stop the bleeding.”

Bellville Police Chief Ron Willey says other students broke up the fight and got the box cutter away from the teenage suspect.

He says he believes the other students’ actions helped minimize the victim’s injuries.

Willey says video of the whole incident from an on-board camera is a key piece of evidence.

"It shows everything that happened with good clarity, so there's no question as to what happened," Willey said.

Willey says he is still interviewing witnesses, and the videotape has been handed over to the county prosecutor’s office for review.

School officials say the injured boy was treated and released from a local hospital and was back in class Tuesday.

Police say the teenage suspect was dropped off at his home from the bus after the incident and was later arrested.  

He was taken to the Richland County Juvenile Detention Center and faces a possible felony assault charge.

"I spoke to a couple of the other mothers who had daughters on board, and they’re scared to ride the school bus," added Littleton.

Littleton says she expected the school district to contact her and other parents of students on the bus, but as of Tuesday afternoon, she had not been contacted.

She wants to see the video, too.

"We put our children's safety in their hands every day, and I think we deserve answers,” she said.

Besides what happens in court, the school district will also decide what, if any action will be taken against the student suspect.
Both the police and school district say they have a zero tolerance for this type of violence, and the incident will be dealt with as quickly as possible to ensure the safety of all students.  

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