Parents Concerned As Reynoldsburg Teachers Consider Possible Strike

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Reynoldsburg Education Association (REA) members say they plan to rally at Summit Road Elementary School to voice their concerns about student learning conditions, class size and respect.

Teachers will meet at 6 p.m. then march to the Performing Arts Center at the Reynoldsburg High School Summit Campus to attend the district’s regular school board meeting.

They will be joined by several parents who have said they would like to show their support for the teachers.  

Some of the parents in the district have declared Tuesday night "white out night." Parents who are in support of the teachers are asked to wear their "Raider Strong" t-shirt or any white t-shirt. The group will also head into Tuesday’s school board meeting.  

More than a week ago, the Reynoldsburg Education Association authorized its bargaining team to issue a 10-day strike notice. The district's teachers said they will go on strike, if a deal is not reached on their new contracts.  

Parents say that makes them nervous.

"I have two children in the district, and my main concern is if the teachers go on strike, then where does that leave my kids?" said parent Denise Shook.

Shook is one of many parents who have concerns with the proposed contract for teachers. She says she is worried that there is no language in the contract that protects class size.  

"You still have classes that are well over 25, some popping into the 40s in a design class. So, I think that I'm concerned if the teachers go on strike, then I have a substitute who has not had classroom management skills,” said parent Denise Shook.

Other parents say they are also concerned about language in the proposed contract regarding merit pay.

The teachers' union stands against pay that is based on the state's new evaluation system.

And parents, like Margaret-Mary Luzny, say the school district needs to know that parents want a say in how their children are educated.  

"We want a voice. We have always been out here but they have seemed to forget about us and we really feel as though they have negotiated this contract without any input from the parents or have asked us what our feelings are,” said parent Margaret-Mary Luzny.