Parent Accused Of Striking Groveport Madison Student & Staff Member


Police are searching for a woman they say “went on a rampage” at Groveport Madison Middle School South on Wednesday.

The school sent students home with a letter that says an irate parent was originally denied entrance to the school.

Police say that woman is 28-year-old Irea Nall.

Investigators say Nall waited until someone else left the building and then sneaked through the door before it closed.

School staff say they immediately stopped her in the office area where a police report says Nall became "verbally abusive, screaming and cursing at staff."

 Police say Nall then forced her way into the cafeteria during a lunch period.

 “There was one teacher that was shoved down by her,” said Sgt. Josh Short with the Groveport Police Department. "In her rampage, kicking items and throwing items off the table, she did cause another student to be struck in the head with a bottle."

A Groveport parent - who wishes to remain anonymous - says the incident has him concerned about his 6th grade daughter’s safety.

 "I don't want my daughter to get hurt like we see on TV with all these other schools,” he said.

 10TV stopped at Nall's house and tried calling her. She said she would share her side of the story Thursday afternoon but never returned 10TV’s calls.

 Groveport police have a warrant for Nall's arrest.

 She faces charges of assault, inducing panic and aggravated trespass.

 "She'll either turn herself in or we'll find her,” Sgt. Short said.

 Police say they are stepping up patrols at the school.

 They are adding officers when students arrive in the morning and leave in the afternoon.