Paranormal Group Goes Ghost Hunting Year Round

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A Columbus paranormal group said Thursday that they have found proof that some places really are haunted, 10TV's Karina Nova reported.
Pat Altevogt said she hears children's' voices and the jingling of keys while working at Greater Columbus Antique Mall.

During the day customers walk through the rooms looking to buy but at night Pat said she has unwanted visitors.

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"I'll be sitting here on this desk and I know nobody is here and I'll hear people walking in the attic, walking down the stairs," Altevogt said.

The building was built in 1889 and was twice used as a funeral home.

The group researches paranormal claims with electronic voice recorders, pictures and video and its leader Rick Cosner said they found proof to support Altevogt's claims.

"We have some video evidence that we've given to Pat, of something flying out from underneath a chair," Cosner said. "This place is haunted by multiple spirits. It's not just one or two. There's at least 19 of them here."

The paranormal society says it has proved that this antique mall has spirits; it's not the only place in Columbus who is haunted.

"We did an investigation two years ago at the Loft Hotel where a lady is supposed to roam the hallways and the staircases," Cosner said. "Then of course the Columbus Fire Museum downtown - lots of evidence down there also."

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