Overnight Storms Turn Streets Into Rivers In Westerville

Overnight Storms Turn Streets Into Rivers In Westerville
Overnight Storms Turn Streets Into Rivers In Westerville

Part of central Ohio remains under a weather alert following heavy rains Tuesday night. 

Flash flooding in Westerville took many residents by surprise after streets were filled with water and businesses surrounded by lakes.  Even a few fish made their way from their natural habitat into the flooded streets.

Along Africa Road, a bridge was lifted off of its foundation, with the water filling yards and leaving behind a mess for residents to clean up Wednesday morning.

Police spotted trouble on the roads just after midnight on Wednesday.  Off of Park

Meadow Road, a driver attempted to go through the high water, but never made it across.    

Not only were the roads filling up with water, so were parking lots with water knocking on the doors of many businesses.  At the peak of the rising water along Park Meadow, the Complete Patients Records (CPR) building was completely underwater, surrounded entirely by a rain-filled lake.

John Mathis, the Director of CPR, says he has never seen anything like Wednesday’s flooding.  “It’s crazy!”

Mathis says he had no choice but to wade through the water to see if there was any damage inside.    Fortunately there wasn't.   But he still had to figure out how to get people onto the property with a river current running through his parking lot.

As the sun rose, a few travelers attempted to venture into the flooded streets when water began to recede.  However, clean-up efforts have just begun for residents, as well as business owners in the wake of Wednesday’s wild storms.

The following roads remain closed as of Wednesday morning due to flooding:

Delaware County

-SR 3 at Big Walnut Road.

-Porter Road Central closed from SR 656 and Olive Green.

Licking County  

-SR-661 closed between 661 and Homer Road at the Knox/Licking County line.

-Bennington Chapel Road closed southeast of Centerburg.

Knox County

-Centerburg Road closed at Condit Road.