Overnight Storm Causes Damage In Plain City

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The storm only lasted around five minutes, but it left an impact in one central Ohio community.   Along Darby Creek West, residents say the fast-moving storm left behind thousands of dollars in damage.

Residents began the process of surveying the damage and cleaning up after storms early Tuesday morning in Plain City.

Resident Dave Litzke had his entire garage door torn off by high winds on Darby Boulevard West.  Everything inside was destroyed, including a vehicle.  Several trees were also knocked to the ground. 

“We saw the power go off,” Litzke explains.   “So we just kind of waited it out and everybody went back to bed, because we knew we couldn't do anything last night.  Then, (we) woke up to the whole yard gone. “

The cleanup will be extensive for Litzke’s family, who didn’t fully understand the extent of the damage until they woke up this morning.