Over $1,000 Worth Of Christmas Presents Stolen From Parking Lot

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Bethany Trent worked year-round to save up for Black Friday shopping.


“We save up all year. We adore it we look forward to it,” Trent said.

Trent said it is a family tradition.

Trent and her family spent hours shopping Black Friday morning for each other and their children.


“We got to Toys R Us at two this morning."


Eight hours later the family took a break at Mimi's Café near the Polaris fashion mall.


Little did they know, thieves were shopping inside their van

 “We try our best to give and do for other people, and it stinks when you save for your kids and have it taken while you’re having lunch with your family,” Trent said.

Thieves broke the driver’s side door lock to gain access to the gifts.

Trent recalled, “My mother-in-law looks in the back and says its all gone.  I say, what do you mean its all gone?!”


$1,200 worth of Christmas gifts were stolen.


The culprits busted the driver's side door lock to get in.


“Everything was gone.  Everything," Trent said.

Trent said that she did not think her vehicle would be a target in the middle of the day.

"We thought with tinted windows, locked doors and daylight we would be alright."


Trent said the break-in will not damper her family's holiday spirit.


“We always pick back up.  The glass is half full.  We'll move on," said Trent.


Trent said police checked security cameras, but they did not catch anything.


She said the minivan was parked in one of four spots out of the camera's view.

Police advised shoppers to make sure their gifts are out of sight in the trunk or to drop them off at home.