OSU Students Rush Fence To Leap Into Mirror Lake

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Flurries, snow and bitter cold didn't stop students and fans from leaping into Ohio State's Mirror Lake late Monday night.

"I want to know who turned Mirror Lake into a hot tub," an Ohio State freshman exclaimed to The Columbus Dispatch. "It's awesome. We're rebels!"

Ohio State University police and local sheriff's deputies patrolled the area around the lake Monday night that was surrounded by fencing. 

Around 11:30 p.m. several hundred Ohio State students rushed the fence put up around the lake to try and control the annual tradition that is carried out during Michigan Week.

It was a plan launched by students on social media in response to the university's attempt to control the annual ritual. 

Once the students started to knock down some of the fence officers said they decided to open the gates to prevent any injuries.

Students were supposed to be kept outside the fence unless they had  picked up their "Beat Michigan" wristbands at the Ohio Union.  

For the first time, the bands were required to get into the fenced area.  School officials said they were requiring the bands due to concern about student safety.   No one has ever been killed since the annual jump began in 1990. But in August, a former Ohio State student jumped into the lake and died a month later.

As of Tuesday morning, no injuries were reported and no arrests were made.