OSU Sets New Rules For Michigan Week Mirror Lake Jump

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Ohio State University announced new rules for people planning to jump into Mirror Lake on Tuesday as part of Beat Michigan Week.

"It's not a sanctioned university event.  We are trying to make it as safe as possible," said Javanue Adams-Gaston, vice president of student life.

For the first time, the event will be open to students only.

Students will need a university issued wrist band to get in.

Ohio State put fencing up around the lake as a safety precaution.

"To be honest, I think it's kind of stupid.  People are going to jump regardless", says Ohio State Sophomore Chris Kuzak.

"I think they should keep it to OSU students because we do go here", said Ohio State Freshman Jaquelyn Gardner.

Safety appears to be forcing the university to monitor who gets in, and how.

On August 18th, a 28-year-old OSU student was pulled from the deep end of the lake.

He died a month later.  It's not known why he was in the water.

A fenced-off lake will allow students to enter though one entrance near the library with several exits.

Spectators will also need a wristband in order to watch the plunge.

Some see this as a first step to making it harder for students to enjoy the tradition.

Some students have started a campaign on social media to hold the jump on Monday night, instead of Tuesday.

OSU police say arrests are rare at the Miror Lake jump.

The biggest problems are injuries from people who jump into the water.

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