OSU Fans Called On By Team To Make Big Pre-Game Save


The Ohio State Buckeyes pulled out all the stops on the field, but before the game ever began, a key move by two fans of the team may have saved the day.

Jason Core and Torin Shepherd are supervisors at UPS.

Hours before Saturday’s game, they said they were called on by the university to make the extra effort and find one package amidst many.

“He told us that the equipment manager for Ohio State was there at the building and that the package was the headset for Coach Urban Meyer,” said Core.

The package would have been delivered days earlier had it not been for a train derailment out west, according to Core.

Core said he and Shepherd, both Ohio State grads, kicked into high gear and started searching.

“We sorted through a 53-foot trailer that had a hundred percent load, which means that it was completely full. Thousands of packages. Big, small, heavy,” said Core.

Core said this effort was all in search of a new headset to replace a broken one from last week's game.

“It was three quarters of the way in, so it was a lot of digging. A lot of moving stuff around.  It took us two hours, two and a half hours to get to it,” said Shepherd.

Finally, they said they found it.

“It was up on the top of the wall. So I grabbed it. I looked at it.  As soon as I saw the address, I screamed out O-H and all I hear back from behind me was Clark and Torin, I-O.  I said, we got it, we got it,” said Core.

The men said are proud of what they did and proud to say, for this game, they feel like they're part of the team.

The guys told 10TV they were just doing their job.  

But they did say the team's equipment manager said they'd "make sure something good happens” in return for their extra effort.