OSU Band Director Firing Continues To Spark New Questions


The firing of Ohio State Band Director Jon Waters continues to spark new questions about the University's handling of the investigation and is raising concerns of current and former members, who believe the University didn't do its homework. 

Among them is Gary Leppla, the legal chair of the Alumni Marching band.  “I think any objective observer would have to say how on earth could this have come down based on that evidence in that short period of time with no further investigation or notice than what occurred,” Leppla says

He says he was supposed to meet with University President Dr. Michael Drake and Archie Griffin, the CEO of the Ohio State Alumni association, but says he wasn't allowed into the meeting.

While the alumni hoped the university would change its decision on Waters firing, it doesn't appear that will happen. Leppla says there was no such statement of any reversal from Drake.

The Alumni Club wrote a letter to the university outlining its complaints, among them - interviewing only 4 of the 225 current members of the band for the report.  Leppla says it didn’t mention any of the good work Jon Waters did and the efforts he made.

Leppla calls Waters an extraordinary person.  "I can remember his kindness to my own son when he was a grad assistant he does things that he doesn't have to do so he can make it better for everybody.”

As for any band protest at Ohio State games in response to the university's decision to fire waters, he says there will be none of that.  "There is no effort to embarrass or bring disgrace upon the program or the university in any way.”

Jon Waters has yet to speak about the investigation, but his attorney told 10TV he does plan to make a statement soon.