Orange Township Firefighter Charged with Aggravated Burglary

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A Delaware County Grand Jury returned an indictment Friday against an Orange Township firefighter.

43-year-old Donald Tuller Jr. is charged with aggravated burglary, which is a first-degree felony. 

The incident that led to the charges was caught on camera.

Scott Kidwell says he and Donald Tuller have an ex-girlfriend in common.

She was apparently the source of the conflict that boiled over in the early morning hours of November 22nd.

Kidwell says he and the woman were sitting in the kitchen of his Delaware home.

A security camera in Kidwell's window recorded a man approaching the back door.

Kidwell and prosecutors say that man is Donald Tuller.

What happened next was out of the camera's view, but still picked up by its microphone.

Kidwell says Tuller walked into his home uninvited.

"Next thing you know he comes walking through the door, slams the door, yelling at her, asking her what she's doing here," said Kidwell. "I'm like, 'dude, you need to get out of my house,' and it went from there."

On the recording, obtained by 10TV, Kidwell is heard saying, "We're getting ready to call 911 or get shot, one or the other."

Kidwell says that's when the confrontation got physical.

"I reached for my telephone and that's when he jumped on me and we went back and I busted the window out with my head."

Kidwell says after a that, Tuller walked out without explanation, leaving him bruised and baffled.

"He definitely wasn't thinking about his job or his kids or his parents or anybody else at that time," Kidwell said.

Orange Township Assistant Fire Chief Matt Noble tells 10TV Tuller remains on active status with the department pending a Monday meeting of the Orange Township Trustees.

They are expected to discuss Tuller and his charge.

10TV was not able to reach Tuller for comment.