Orange Township Budget Cuts Could Have Impact On Public Safety

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Leaders of one Delaware County township have slashed funding and are looking at possibly cutting the number of deputies patrolling Orange Township’s streets.

Trustees already have voted to halve their contract with the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office – paying $250,000 annually instead of $500,000.

According to township Trustee Lisa Knapp, trustees are trying to decide how to spend the remaining $250,000 and whether to cut the number of deputies on the street from eight to four.

Knapp said that the township has a number of options, such as delaying cuts, making the cuts now or asking taxpayers for additional help through a levy.

“We are talking about three different options,” Knapp said. “I think we just need to take a fresh look at it and come to some type of agreement.

Resident Kip Kipher said that he and his family moved from New York to Orange Township 12 years ago. He said that he is happy with his neighborhood but said that it is not immune to crime.

“We’ve had an occasional break-in in some automobiles, garages and, in one case, a home,” Kipher said.

Kipher said that the news of the possibility of fewer deputies on the street makes him feel a bit uneasy.

“When you cut a service as important as law enforcement, which protects our families, our children and our possessions, sure we have concern,” Kipher said.

Kipher said that he is supportive of any agreement that does not compromise public safety.

Despite the township’s decision, the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office is required to respond to emergency calls.

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