Online Video Confessor Cordle Talks About Sentence, Future

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A day after he was sentenced, the man who made an online confession that got national attention says he hopes his video changes lives.

A judge sentenced Matthew Cordle to 6 1/2 years in prison for causing the drunk driving crash in June that killed 61-year-old Vincent Canzani.

On Thursday, Cordle spoke to 10TV's Karina Nova.

Cordle still has scars on his arms from the airbag that burned off the skin.

But he says, his scars don't come close to the pain he caused the Canzani family when he chose to drive drunk.  

"Right after the accident when I got out of the hospital, I was having a very difficult time just with the knowledge that I'd done this to someone and it could have been preventable, it didn't have to happen, it was so senseless," he said.

Cordle reveals he thought about suicide but instead decided to confess to his crime. Against his attorneys’ advice, he released this video promising to plead guilty in court for killing Canzani.

"When I decided I was going to do it, I thought I was going to throw up. It was a big decision which I understood all of the ramifications of it and I'm so relieved I've been able to follow through with it 100 percent," he says.

The ramifications, along with prison time, included scrutiny by millions of people as to why he made the video.

"What do you say to the people who comment that you made this video to get a lesser sentence? What do you say to them?"

"There's so many views on the video and something this wide scale there's going to be many different opinions. Those people are entitled to their opinions. It was just up to me to follow through what I was going to do and I did that," he said. "We knew it was going to reach some level of notoriety because of how controversial it was, but I had no way imagined it'd be something that it is now. I remember the first night we had 1,500 views, and I had messages from people, victims, which is something I didn't account for, saying how someone stepping forward helped heal them and their story and their troubles."

Following through now means that Cordle is facing six and a half years behind bars.

"I'm going to be a young man when I get out. I'll only be 29.  That's a lot more time than Mr. Canzani got. I always remember that when I feel selfish or frustrated with it.  I'll always remember back to that."

Cordle says while he's in prison, he hopes people continue to spread his message to not drink and drive.

He says his sister has set up a Twitter account so people can reach out to him while he's behind bars.