Online Marketplace Creates Anger, Frustration For Ohioans


Testimony before Congress that federal officials did not fully test the online marketplace until two weeks before it was launched has led to disappointed and frustrated voices across the country.

Colette Haley has tried for weeks to sign up online on the exchange.

She runs her own small business in the German Village and has waited eight years to find affordable health insurance.

In fact, 10TV was with her back on October 1 when she first tried to sign up online with no success.

"I've probably tried five more times since then," Colette said.  "I've spent many hours online, I've called people, and I've gotten nowhere with it."

Colette was unable to create an account on October 1.  She says two weeks later she could do that, but the process was slow and the live chat wasn't helpful.

"It's extremely frustrating and disappointing because at this point, I still don't have a clue what's out there," said Colette.

That disappointment is shared by health care advocate Cathy Levine who says she had hoped for a better rollout.

"I'm really mad that the administration botched this major computer system job they had," said Levine.  "If this were December 15, I'd be a lot more frustrated but I'm just taking deep breaths and hoping that as the weeks go by things are getting better."

Colette says she's done trying to sign up on the website.  She turned to an insurance agent for help.

"I can see the light at the end of the tunnel but I still can't get to it," said Colette.  "The insurance agent I've spoken to can't get me signed up until at least the first of November."