Olympic Swim Club Pool in Clintonville Opens For Final Season

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A Clintonville institution will pull the plug on its business after serving the community for more than 7 decades.

The owners of the Olympic Swim Club say this will be the pool's last year.

"We cried when we heard that's our summer," said Geri Bell of Clintonville.

For her and her husband Chris, the Olympic pool is more than a place to swim, it is their social hall.

"It's like you go see your summer friends," said Bell.

It's also where where their daughter, Katie Bell, dreamed of becoming an Olympic diver.

"That's where she learned to dive," said Chris Bell.

In 2012, Katie Bell competed for the United States in the Summer Olympics in London.

The Bells said without the Olympic pool, their daughter's Olympic dream may never have happened.

Since 1938, the pool has been a fixture in the community.

It boasted the only platform dive board.

When Tim Sullivan heard the news, he called it a devastating blow.

"It's a great community asset and its a shame to see it go," Sullivan said.

Bill Kilkenny began working here in 1959.

"It's been my life.  It's a sad thing, it's been a good run," he said.

When the pool closes at the end of the year, many wonder what happens then.

"It's a big loss for our community. I've been coming to this pool since I was a baby, so 21 years now," said lifeguard Sophia Ciminello.