Olentangy School Board Member Says Superintendent Threatened Him At Board Meeting

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An Olentangy Local Schools board of education member said Thursday that he feared for his family’s safety after filing criminal charges against two athletic directors.

Adam White took legal action against two district athletic directors, who he accused of misusing district funds, 10TV’s Jessa Goddard reported.

The legal action centers around a state audit, first obtained by 10TV News, that showed athletic directors at two of the district’s high schools used money to open bank accounts using their personal information and then wrote thousands of dollars worth of checks that no one approved.

White said that the district superintendent threatened him during an executive session at Thursday’s school board meeting.

“I was threatened by the superintendent, and I left the meeting at that point, and I went down to the parking lot to find a car waiting for me,” White said.

White, who said he filed a report with the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office, said that he was followed out of the parking lot by a man.

The sheriff’s office said that a deputy was called to White’s home to take a report, but the report was not finished as of Thursday afternoon. Officials said it was too soon to determine if charges would be filed, Goddard reported

Olentangy schools officials did not directly respond to White’s allegations but released a response, Goddard reported.

“Mr. White left the meeting before its conclusion. The rest of the group continued its discussion for approximately 30 more minutes before adjourning. At the time the group departed, there was no unusual activity noticed in the parking lot,” according to the statement.

White said that despite the alleged threats, he planned to attend the next school board meeting April 26.

“I had some 8,000 voters vote for me into office, and I’m not doing anything different than I was doing beforehand, in terms of looking at government and seeing what could be made better and how to improve it, and I won’t change that,” White said.

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