Olentangy School Board Member Appeals Lawsuit Against Other Board Members


The middle school debate team opened the Olentangy School Board meeting, a board that's embroiled in debate itself.

"I'm just kind of concerned why a group of individuals that we've elected can't get along in the system," said parent and teacher Todd Baker.

Baker and other parents are watching debate now drag through the courts.

It started with a lawsuit. Adam White claimed other board members exchanged e-mails and phone calls about board business, violating the open meeting law, but the judge said he didn't have a case.

"We are appealing this case. We feel it's a good case and we'll take it as far as we have to," said White. "Public bodies need to be transparent when they communicate so the public can see what's going on."

Board President Kevin O'Brien said that's what is happening.

"My opinion, the judge's ruling was very clear. There was no finding of fact and there was no violation of sunshine law," said O'Brien.

That ruling cost the district.

"We put in about $10,000 to $15,000," said O'Brien.

An appeal will take that tab even higher.

"It will extend this process, it will be more legal bills," said O'Brien.

White defended his actions to move forward.

"You can ask the other board members about that. If you don't break the law, you don't have to pay money," said White.

Board members said it's a little awkward to work together for the schools, while they are at odds in the courts.

"Its already stressful when you work with people who don't take kindly to you," said White.

"It's certainly not the best way to enamor yourself or endear yourself to your fellow board members," said O'Brien.

Lawsuit: http://www.delawarecountyclerk.org/cvTemp/00037967558/00037967558.pdf

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