Olentangy parent says son was victim of hate crime

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Nancy Forman is upset at Olentangy Berkshire Middle School for an incident involving her eighth-grade son.

Her son said he and another student were in history class when the student stabbed him in the arm with a pencil before allegedly telling him "his family should have been gassed."

The student, Evan Forman, is Jewish.

The school couldn't confirm that is what was said. But the school did confirm the attack happened on school property and consequences have been taken.

What that means, the school won't say, citing privacy laws. Evan's mother, Nancy Forman said by law the school should have sent her an action plan to protect her child, but so far she hasn't received one.

"I want a written documentation, I want to know what they found out, I want to know how my son is being protected. Instead, all I got was consequences have been taken," she said.

"This other student has always been calling him a stupid Jew; a filthy Jew or something along those lines it wasn't this last couple of days that he actually took a pencil and jammed in there," she said.

Nancy posted the injury on her Facebook page. She said Evan came home to tell her.

"I couldn't believe it I was like really?" she said.

Evan didn't tell the school or his teacher about the incident.

The school said it had no idea about the incident until the mother posted it on Facebook. She said she would have gone to the school to report it, but when she found out the school was closed.