Ohio's Unemployment Rate Falls To Five Year Low

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Ohio's lower unemployment rate is good news for many who have been seeking a job.

Alicia Parrish has lived the reality behind the unemployment numbers.  After serving our nation for 8 years in the Army, she could not find work.

"At times it can be depressing and upsetting and you lose hope," said Parrish.  "I was down in the dumps. I don't think i've ever been lower to be honest with you because how was I going to support myself?  I have all these skills from the military but I can't use any of them."

After eight months of looking for work - and many job interviews where she says there were no calls back - Parrish's luck this week finally turned around when UPS offered her a job.

"It's great, it's like I'm being paid to work out," said Parrish.  "There are many opportunities that UPS offers ahead."

Alica's story is reflected in Ohio's unemployment rate - now at 6.1 percent.

That's the lowest it's been in five years when it peaked at 10.6 percent.

This time last year it was 7.3 percent.

And it's below the current national average of 6.7 percent.

"People are taking more chances in hiring and looking for that talent," said Andrew Oocumma, Workforce Services Development Administrator at Ohio Means Jobs.  "More so than they were a few months ago so we're very fortunate to have growth in our economy."

Oocumma has spent years in the jobs placement field.  He says the dropping unemployment rate is overdue after a long post-recession.

"It does make me smile that we have numbers that are complimenting what we're putting forth as far as work," said Oocumma.

Parrish - who started her new job this week - has advice for those still looking for work - especially veterans.

"I would say to the other veterans out there not to give up because I was ready to give up," said Parrish.  "I was ready to quit."