OhioHealth To Build New Outpatient Facility In Nelsonville


OhioHealth announced on Monday it will build a state-of-the-art outpatient healthcare facility in Nelsonville.  The organization says the move comes in response to “changing healthcare needs of the community.”

The system is in the early planning stages and construction will begin in 2015 with construction taking between 18 to 24 months to complete.

When the new outpatient center opens, the current Doctors Hospital Nelsonville building will close.

LaMar Wyse, COO of Doctors Hospital Nelsonville, says it has been an emotional process for board members and OhioHealth.  “With only 20 percent of people in Nelsonville coming to Doctors Hospital Nelsonville for inpatient care, and with an average inpatient census of about four patients per day, it became obvious that keeping the hospital open was not a viable option. In fact, what the community is saying it needs – both in their words and actions – is more robust, convenient outpatient care.”

According to a press release, OhioHealth said, “Due to the age of the existing hospital building and infrastructure, it is in the best interest of patients, associates and the people of Nelsonville to build a new facility from the ground up that will enhance the patient experience, be more efficient, and support the high-quality care that has long been provided at Doctors Hospital Nelsonville.”

The timing of the shift in services will happen in three phases.

Phase 1: Doctors Hospital Nelsonville will immediately limit inpatient capacity.

Phase 2: Doctors Hospital Nelsonville will close inpatient services no later than the end of 2014. Until the new outpatient facility is open, the hospital will continue to offer current services including 24-hour emergency services, endoscopy services, outpatient x-ray and all other outpatient services.

Phase 3: Doctors Hospital Nelsonville will close when the new outpatient health center opens.