Ohioans Must Deal With Plummeting Temperatures, Dangerous Wind Chills

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The snowfall has ended on Tuesday, but residents must now deal with the cold and wind.

Temperatures are going to continue to drop with wind chills well below zero on Wednesday morning.

Marissa Stephens was waiting for a bus and trying to stay warm.

"Layers and not standing still, usually I'm moving, listening to my music that makes me move around so I'm not just standing in one place. The longer you stand still the colder you get. I usually have on two or three pairs of pants, three shirts underneath my sweatshirt and jacket. I think I should have put on another pair of pants today. I didn't know it was going to be THIS cold today,” said Stephens.

Near the Ohio State campus, students trudged to class, as the snow continued to fall.

"I actually lost my winter jacket so I'm stuck with a North Face and a hoodie - so cold getting to class this morning. My face is what's most cold, keeping my hands as warm as possible,” said Josh Baker, OSU student.

Now, Josh and others will have to brace for the deep freeze coming after this snow with wind chills near or below zero in coming days.

"I don't want that again, we had that too much about two weeks ago...I 've had enough of that, you know, below zero, and whatever...I can't handle that anymore,” said Baker.

Forecasters called for anyone headed outdoors to bundle up and keep themselves protected from potential hypothermia and frost bite.