Ohioans Helping Storm Victims In New Jersey


Red Cross workers from Ohio are working to help storm victims on the east coast.

Vickie Hall from Lancaster is one of the people working to make hundreds of thousands of meals for workers.

“It's almost overwhelming, what you feel when you're helping people - you know that it could be me,” said Hall. “I was taught that you give in life and I feel like I'm carrying on the legacy of parents that taught me how to volunteer and how to give. This is my mom's pin. She's 87 and this is her pin and she was a volunteer.”

Hall knows these long, and often tiring trips, are not about her but about who's she's helping.

There are thousands of people displaced without power and the temperature is dropping.

Hall and her Red Cross partner drove from Lancaster to New Jersey in a disaster relief truck. Over the past few days, she said she's put it to work.

She said it has not been easy.

“It's just a mess, an absolute mess because of the power lines and the trees being down. There are many, many detours. There are lines for gas that we figured today are probably a half mile long,” added Hall.

Hall said she's seen a lot of suffering and many people in need.

“To be able to help people who are walking on the street, who are lost because they don't know where to go and our shelter is always taking people. It's a very difficult thing to explain but rewarding. It's extremely rewarding,” she said.

On Thursday, lunch and dinner meals will be made at scheduled times and loaded up in warming containers.

Those are put in those disaster relief Red Cross trucks and shipped to those who need it most.

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