Ohio University Student President's "Blood Bucket" Protest Sparks Outrage

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Ohio University's student senate president is speaking out after drawing criticism for using the ALS "ice bucket challenge" to stage a bloody protest against Israel.

Megan Marzec's video has been causing outrage on the Ohio University campus and with Jewish groups around the nation.

In the video, Marzec urges OU to cut ties with Israel.

She says the following, "Thanks (Ohio University) President Roderick McDavis for giving me, Megan Marzec, the Bucket Challenge. As a student senate president, I'm sending a message of concern about the genocide in Gaza and the occupation of Palestine by the Israeli state. I'm urging you and OU to divest and cut all ties, academic and other Israeli businesses and institutions. This bucket of blood symbolizes the thousands of displaced and murdered Palestinians, atrocities which OU is directly complacent (SIC) in, with cultural and economic support of the Israeli state." Marzec then dumps a bucket of red liquid on her head.

She tells 10TV the video has made her the target of hatred.

"I've been sent death threats," Marzec said. "I've been attacked and mocked as a woman. I have been called very vile things. I think it's very clear that those who are asking for my resignation are not in favor of freedom of speech."

Leaders from two Jewish organizations on campus, Bobcats for Israel and Alpha Epsilon Pi, tell 10TV they respect Marzec's freedom of speech but call her video inappropriate.

"She's our liaison to the university. As a representative of that, I don't think you're able to say that," said Jarrad Gold, president of the Jewish fraternity, Alpha Epsilon Pi.

"This was not the setting," said Becky Sebo, president of Bobcats for Israel. "This was not the time and place to do that as a leader of Ohio University."

10TV tried reaching out to Marzec's fellow student senate members, but could not find anyone who wanted to comment.

However, OU's Student Senate twitter account posted a tweet that says, "On behalf of the student senate, we humbly apologize for the video president Megan Marzec posted."

Marzec would not comment on that tweet and said she will only apologize for the misperception she was speaking on behalf of students.

"I would never apologize or regret standing with the oppressed people of Palestine or standing with justice," she said.

Despite Marzec's objections, pro-Israel leaders on campus say they want the student senate president to step down.

"I think there's no other question that she needs to resign," Gold said.