Ohio Taxpayer Challenges Sending Fine From Coach Who Videotaped Boys In Locker Room To Newtown, Conn.

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A taxpayer has challenged an Ohio judge's decision that the Newtown, Conn., school support fund should get a $5,000 fine paid by a former basketball coach who videotaped boys in a locker room shower.
The challenge was sent Wednesday to the Stark County prosecutor by Craig Conley, an attorney representing Thomas Marcelli on behalf of county taxpayers. Conley said fines should go to the county under Ohio law.
Judge Frank Forchione (for-SHOH'-nee) had sentenced coach Scott Studer to 15 years in prison and sent his fine to Newtown, where a school gunman killed 26 people.
The judge said he might comment after reviewing the challenge.
Conley asked John Ferrero, who led the coach's prosecution, to seek an out-of-county prosecutor to handle the fine issue. A message was left for Ferrero.