Ohio Task Force One Responds To Disasters

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Rescue workers from all over the country have been working non-stop to sift through the rubble in search of survivors in Oklahoma.

It seems like an almost insurmountable task with teams arriving to miles of devastation, with a mission of rescue and recovery.

Rescue groups like Ohio's Task Force One are always at the ready to respond to emergencies statewide.  In fact, one member of the team is already in Oklahoma to help coordinate missions in the wake of the storms.  

“We're able to offer something that not everyone has the ability to do and to be able to go in and be able to help people without putting a burden on them,” said Dan Kochensparger with Ohio Task Force One.

There are 28 task forces across the country.

Kochensparger says it works geographically when disaster strikes.  So far, he says teams from Nebraska, Tennessee, and Texas have been deployed to Oklahoma.

“It's comprised from emergency service departments, like fire, police. There are also people from hospitals, people from K-9 search groups,” said Kochensparger.

Ohio's group of 80 was sent to New Jersey when Hurricane Sandy swept ashore. Right now, it is waiting to be called.

They have their own food, water, and shelter, along with rescue equipment.

“So, in an Oklahoma situation, you may have someone buried under debris or maybe there's just a small area they can get into. You can put the camera down in there and see what kind of situation they're in,” says Kochensparger.

If someone is buried too deep, they use sensitive devices to hear even the slightest sound.

They also have equipment for thermal imaging.  The cameras can pick up body heat and show where people are, so rescuers can help bring them to safety.

Their batteries are charged and their trucks are getting serviced.  They say they are for their next mission, ready to answer the call.

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