Ohio State University Wexner Medical Staff Hold Drill In New ER

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The emergency department at the new Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center is getting ready.

On Thursday, staff went through a realistic drill in which the ER had to prepare for victims from a crash involving a bus and a truck hauling bleach.
The drill was designed to help the staff get comfortable working in a new space before the first real patient comes through the door. 

Volunteers faked injuries and had wounds made from stage makeup.  
Emergency Medicine Chairman Dr. Tom Terndrup says the drill is critical for the future of the department. 
"That's learning about the space, learning where you are,” Terndrup says. “Where do I get the stuff I need to take care of human being when they have a problem?” 
There is a lot of space in the new department. However, once the new section opens up and the old one is renovated, the department will be able to treat 100 patients at a time.   
There will also be a separate section for cancer patients which is a first for Columbus. It was considered because treatments often weaken immune systems.  It would risky to be around patients with other diseases. 
Some staff members will also be trained in cancer emergency care. 
Heather Bagent is an Emergency Nurse at the medical center and says this training is certainly worth it.  
“There’s so much you have to think about in terms of taking care of the patient,” Bagent says. “Already knowing where the equipment and everything you need is huge."
At the end of the drill, doctors and nurses receive feedback in order to be fully prepared for an actual emergency.