Ohio State University President Talks About First Days On The Job


Ohio State's new president says he sees the university's athletic success as a way to focus attention on the many other things at which the university excels.
Michael Drake says the university hasn't always gotten as much credit for the 98 percent of campus activities outside of athletics and sees a chance to make people more familiar with those areas.
Drake said Wednesday he would use the success the university has had in sports as an example of what it looks like when Ohio State does things well and expand that to promotion of everything from its cancer research to the performing arts.

Drake told 10TV that his vision is to maintain a focus on students and faculty, as well as the $1.1 billion expansion of the Wexner Medical Center and naming its new leader.

He says his track record at the University of California Irvine was working to ensure that college education is accessible, so students could graduate without too much debt.

"We also have to focus on excellence and quality. We could make it inexpensive and do a bad job or make it mediocre. We want to be excellent, and at the same time, be affordable. So,  I'll say the normal work we do on a daily basis will combine access and affordability will be decision makers for us," said Drake.

 Drake is the former University of California-Irvine chancellor. He was chosen as Ohio State's 15th president in January, ending a seven-month search.

10 Facts About Dr. Drake

  1. Born: July 9th 1951 in New York City, New York
  2. Grew up in Englewood, New Jersey, then moved to Sacramento California.
  3. He is an ophthalmologist (branch of medicine that deals with the anatomy, physiology and diseases of the eye) 
  4. Member of The Institute of Medicine, The American Academy of Arts and Sciences 
  5. Married with two sons 
  6. He is OSU's first African American president
  7. Served on the NCAA Board of Directors representing the Big West Conference in 2012
  8. From 2005-present, he served as the chancellor of University of California Irvine 
  9. Led a Bike Tour as a fundraising effort for UC Irvine 25 miles through Irvine
  10. Got Jamie Foxx and Bryan Cranston in on fundraising efforts.