Ohio State University Confirms It Will Not Reinstate Fired Band Director Jon Waters

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Ohio State University announced Friday evening it will stand by its decision to fire marching band director Jon Waters.  The action come after the school fired Waters last month after a two-month investigation revealed a “sexualized” culture within the band.

In a statement Friday evening, the school said, “The Board of Trustees stands firmly by the Office of University Compliance’s investigation and the University’s decision to terminate Mr. Waters.”

On Thursday, attorney for Jon Waters Daivd Axelrod called for a meeting with the Board of Trustees at the school.  However, the school responded that it will not take any action against Waters and will not review the matter at the upcoming meeting.

The school concluded that it will continue to take the necessary steps to protect those who aided in the investigation from harassment and retaliation.

In response, Axelrod said he was disappointed in the decision and thinks Waters should have an opportunity to discuss the matter with the school.