Ohio State University Big Ten Championship Ring Stolen From Former Coach’s Daughter

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The daughter of former Ohio State men's basketball coach Fred Taylor is speaking out after someone stole her father's Big Ten championship ring from her home.  

Sharla Peponis said someone stole more than $30,000 worth of jewelry from her home, but there is only one thing she really wants back.

“The ring in particular, I would like to have that back,” Peponis said.

 The ring belonged to her father, legendary Ohio State University basketball coach Fred Taylor. The ring is a Big Ten championship ring from 1968.

“It really has a great deal of meaning, because my dad used to wear it,” Peponis said.  

She said the ring is worth more than money, it is the memories. Those memories are why Powell detective Ryan Pentz said he believes the ring will turn up.

Pentz said, “Jewelry does end up in pawn shops, it does end up in these places that are buying gold. I tend to believe with this ring it didn't happen.”
Pentz said he believes whoever stole the ring will show it off, and hopefully someone will recognize it.
Sharla Peponis is hopeful that she will eventually get back this piece of her father's history.
Powell police recommend taking photographs of your jewelry so if it is ever stolen it’s easier to track down.

If you know anything about this theft, Powell Police want to hear from you.