Ohio State Defensive End Tracy Sprinkle Dismissed Following Bar Fight


The 19-year-old red-shirt freshman has been dismissed from the Buckeyes after a massive fight at a bar in northern Ohio.

The incident occurred early Saturday morning at the Grown 'N Sexy Bar in Lorain.

According to police, Sprinkle was charged with cocaine possession, rioting and failure to disperse after the fight, which Lorain police described as a riot.

The Columbus Dispatch reports that officers said “it was clear” that Sprinkle had been fighting with another man, and they ordered Sprinkle to leave the scene. Sprinkle, however, became involved in another scuffle and was arrested.

The cocaine was not found on Sprinkle, but was discovered stuffed behind the back seat of a police car where he was detained after the fight.  Police say another person that was arrested had been in the vehicle before Sprinkle, but the car had been searched and no drugs were found.

Team officials say Sprinkle’s status with the team will be re-evaluated after all legal issues are resolved.

He has pleaded not guilty to the charges.