Ohio Senators Hope Nation Can Avoid ‘Fiscal Cliff’

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The partisan fight over the pending ‘fiscal cliff’ is being waged in Washington.

Even thought the clock is ticking, it appears that little progress has been made between congress and the White House.

Republican congressional leaders are accusing Democrats of moving the nation closer to the "fiscal cliff," by refusing to outline possible spending cuts.

Democrats say it's up to Republicans to offer a roster of spending cuts. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says, "Republicans know where we stand." He says Democrats are "still waiting for a serious offer from Republicans."

Leaders have until the end of the year to avert massive tax increases and deep spending cuts.

It's a scenario that both of Ohio's senators agree "cannot" happen.

“Well, it's important we don't go off the fiscal cliff.  It's important that we come to agreement here. First step, House passes what the Senate has passed.  We give certainty to the middle class then work on these other issues,” said Sen. Sherrod Brown, a Democrat.

“All the analysis I've seen says it will take us into a recession and result in lost jobs for Ohioans.  It would hurt our economy at a time we can't afford it,” said Republican Sen. Rob Portman.

It’s clear that both sides are nervous about the fiscal cliff, but preparing to simply blame each other if it happens.

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