Ohio Sen. Brown Calls IRS Videos ‘Inappropriate’

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An Ohio Senator told Watchdog 10 that he considers controversial videos made by the Internal Revenue Service "inappropriate."

Congress is holding hearings about how the IRS is spending tax dollars.

Videos recently came to light showing IRS employees line dancing and taking part in a video spoof of the TV show Star Trek.

The total price tag for the videos was about $50,000.

Over the past three years, the IRS has spent about $50 million to attend 220 professional conferences.

Sen. Sherrod Brown, (D), was asked by Watchdog 10 whether he thought it was time to "audit" the IRS.

“I know that companies and governments and businesses need conferences and they can be very useful--so I am not going to judge that," Brown said. "But the line dancing was obviously inappropriate."

The IRS already suspended two of its employees involved in producing the videos. 

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