Ohio Schools Using Training, Tech As Security Measures

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More Ohio schools are turning to technology to keep students safe.  

In Grandview Heights, Stevenson Elementary is in part protected by remote doors where visitors have to be buzzed in and go directly to the officer before entering through a second set of doors.  

These security measures help keep intruders out, but Wednesday's threat in Pennsylvania came from inside the school.

Chaos and fear reigned after the stabbing spree at a high school in Pennsylvania.  

In Ohio, law enforcement is working to make sure teachers and students know what to do when faced with a threat.

In January, 10TV teamed up with sheriff's deputies at an elementary school where teachers took part in ALICE, which stands for Alert, Listen, Inform, Confront Escape.

It teaches teachers, in part, the best response may include confronting an attacker - regardless of whether they're armed with a gun or a knife.

Police say it turns out it was an assistant principal who helped subdue the 16-year old suspect who was taken into custody.  

Ohio schools are also turning to technology to protect students. A $12 million school security grant program is helping schools install video cameras and intercom systems, and to purchase first responder radios...which give teachers in the classroom direct communication with law enforcement.

"Nothing anybody does is going to be foolproof or an absolute cure all for everything, but this certainly allows districts to move ahead intensifying security in their buildings and I think that's the goal we're all looking for," said Rick Savors, Ohio School Facilities Commission.

Savors says 3,800 Ohio schools have applied for the grant which is proof that safety in schools is a high priority no matter where you live.