Ohio Same Sex Marriage Vote At Least Another Year Away

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Supporters of a constitutional amendment to approve same sex marriage in Ohio have fallen short in their efforts to place the issue on the November ballot, but say the fight is far from over.

Rick Neal is like any other dad, making sure his two adopted daughters are ready for an afternoon at the pool.

"Regardless of what the state of Ohio says I'm still my kids’ dad," said Neal.  "I still stay at home and take care of them and do their hair and make sure they drink their milk and whatever, so it makes it easier to be patient."

Patient because Rick and his husband Tom - and other supporters of same sex marriage - will have to wait at least another year for the issue of marriage equality to be on the Ohio ballot.

Ian James of Freedom Ohio said the group fell short of required petition signatures and fundraising this year.

"It's going to cost millions for the marriage issue," said James.  "We're going to go when the time is right. We'll go when we have the number of signatures obviously and when we have the money.  Clearly the polling is showing the voters are there."

James says his group must decide whether to aim for the ballot next year or 2016.

Republican Attorney General Mike DeWine sees the issue differently.  He's fighting a federal judge's decision that Ohio must recognize legal gay marriages performed out of state.

"We should allow the states to work this out state by state and respect the citizens of Ohio and respect the Ohio constitution," said DeWine.

But Neal says DeWine's view is generationally coming to an end.

"In 10 years, we won't be talking about same-sex marriage, we'll just be talking about marriage.”