Ohio Officials Say 88 Percent Of Students Pass Third Grade Reading Guarantee

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State Department of Education officials say 88 percent of third grade students have passed their reading tests and will be moved to the fourth grade.

That's 110,000 third graders across the state.

Students that have not passed the third grade reading test will have other opportunities to take the test. If they don't pass the Ohio Achievement Assessment or another approved alternative assessment, they will have to repeat third grade reading. If the student remains in the third grade, the school must provide a high-performing reading teacher and 90 minutes of reading instruction each school day.

“These preliminary results show that most Ohio students have mastered the reading skills they need to be successful, but more needs to be done,” said State Superintendent Richard Ross.

Some students who are Limited English Proficient or have IEPs for special education may be exempt from being retained in third grade.