Ohio Leaders Discuss 'Fiscal Cliff' Deadline


All eyes are on Washington as the deadline nears for the 'fiscal cliff.' 

This week on Capitol Square, Congressman Pat Tiberi talks about the stalled negotiations and why he's concerned the cliff is unavoidable. 

Also, Ohio's U.S. senators react to the resignation of tea party leader Sen. Jim DeMint.  

Then Ohio House Speaker Bill Batchelder sits down exclusively with Jim Heath and Tracy Townsend to discuss where he stands on Governor Kasich's plan to tax big oil, the school district report card system, and the state's growing rainy day funds. 

In addition, our political strategists debate the top headlines from the week during our exclusive "Two-Side" segment. 

Watch Capitol Square this Sunday at 11 a.m. on 10TV.

Rep. Pat Tiberi, (R) Ohio -12th District
Rep. Bill Batchelder, (R) Ohio House Speaker
Bob Clegg, Republican Strategist
Dale Butland, Democratic Strategist