Ohio Lawmaker Wants To Change School Safety Laws

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When it comes to school safety, a state lawmaker says it's time to change Ohio law to better protect students.

State representative Kristina Reogner says it starts with allowing off-duty officers to carry guns on school property.  That is something only uniformed officers can do currently.

Columbus parents are divided on whether schools should allow more staff to carry guns.

"I think it's a little disconcerting to have weapons in a school zone period," one parent told 10TV.

Reogner believes arming school employees is a good idea. She wants protocols in place beforehand.

"Those people that you name need to be part of your safety plan you need to do this thoughtfully, there need to be parameters in place, you need to work with local law enforcement to get the proper training  or protocols are required," said Reogner.

Under Ohio law, school boards can designate any employee they want to carry a concealed weapon. Under house bill 8, it would not only require better training for those who carry a gun, but keep those identities hidden from public view.

Roegner says she wants to give school staff the advantage, not the shooter.

"And if he or she knows where they may encounter resistance that gives the gunmen the advantage.  We don't want the gunmen to have the advantage," said Roegner.

House bill 8 would give schools civil immunity for injuries or death  from a school employee who was authorized to fire a weapon during an active shooting event, assuming the person acted lawfully.