Ohio Lawmaker Pushes Bill To Keep CCW License Information Private


Ohio State Senator Bill Beagle is stirring debate over a proposal to strike down an existing law.

The change would make it harder for you to find out who has a gun license in your neighborhood.

Beagle would like to keep the names of those licensed to carry concealed weapons off-limits to journalists.

Reporters now have minimal access to the names of those carrying a concealed weapons permit, but the bill would ban journalists from even seeing the list.

Beagle said he got the idea after a New York newspaper published names of gun-permit holders.

The Ohio Newspaper Association said that could not happen in Ohio anyway, but Beagle questions why the information is available to reporters at all.

“I think a lot of information that the media can get now is heavily redacted and peoples’ privacy can be protected.  And I want to make sure our concealed weapons holders can have that privacy as well,” said Beagle.

The bill pits 1st Amendment issues versus 2nd Amendment.
Beagle admits the issue is probably too big for his legislation to pass this year.

Critics say this is just another attempt to chip away at government transparancy.

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